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International Industrial Products Trading (IIPT)

IIPT is the latest business venture of Best Practice. IIPT brings together market knowledge, experience and expertise into one single company. It’s the perfect combination of foreign and local expertise.

IIPT is a 100% Saudi registered company which gives the complete freedom to work inside the Kingdom with a variety of foreign partners in a variety of business sectors. IIPT is therefore the ideal possible partner for foreign companies wanting to enter the Saudi Arabian business arena more independent from local agents, but at the same time don’t want to set up their company as foreign investment company.

IIPT brings together market knowledge,
and expertise into one single company.

So for those companies that want to be more in control of their own business in Saudi Arabia, IIPT can provide a professional infrastructure for each company to tap into. The company won’t have to consider all the practicalities necessary for doing business in Saudi Arabia. From the start, the company can focus on its business; Sell their products or services under their own name and via their own locally registered company name with the people of their choice.

More information about IIPT can be found at or send an email to